Latin III/IV


A Remarkable Transformation


Nactus ego occāsiōnem persuadeō hospitem nostrum, ut mēcum ad quīntum mīliārium veniat. Erat autem mīles, fortis tamquam Orcus. Apoculāmus nōs circā gallicinia; lūna lūcēbat tamquam merīdiē. Vēnimus inter monimenta: homō meus coepit ad stēlās facere; sedeō ego cantābundus et stēlās numerō. Deinde ut respēxī ad comitem, ille exuit sē et omnia vestīmenta secundum viam posuit. Mihi anima in nāsō esse; stābam tamquam mortuus. At … subitō lupus factus est. Nōlīte mē iocārī putāre. … Sed, quod coeperam dīcere, postquam lupus factus est, ululāre coepit et in silvās fūgit. Ego prīmitus nēsciēbam ubi essem; deinde accessī, ut vestīmenta eius tollerem: illa autem lapidea facta sunt. … Gladium tamen strīnxī et -- matauitatau! -- umbrās cecīdī, donec ad villam amīcae meae pervenīrem.

                                                                                                                   Petronius, Satyricon 62 (abridged)

Having taken this opportunity, I persuade our houseguest to come with me to the fifth milestone.  He was a soldier, strong as Hell.  We take off about cockcrow; the moon was shining like at noon.  We came among the tombs:  my buddy began to head for the tombstones; I sat down singing and counted the tombstones.  Then as I looked back to my companion, he undressed himself and put all his clothes next to the road.  My breath was (caught) in my nose!  I stood there as if dead.  But suddenly became a wolf.  Don’t think I’m joking. … But, as I started to say, after he became a wolf, he began to howl and fled into the woods.  At first I didn’t know where I was; then I moved forward to pick up his clothes; but they were made of stone. … Anyhow, I drew my sword and [holy jumping jehosephat!] I slashed at the shades until I reached my girlfriend’s villa.


Latin Reading Judging FormContestant Name:____________________  School:_____________        

1. Confidence                                     _____(5)                Comments:

2. Continuity                                     _____(5)

3. Phrasing                                         _____(5)

4. Word Accent                                  _____(5)

5. Vowel Quality                                _____(5)

6. Syllabication                                  _____(5)

7. Consonant Quality                         _____(5)

8. Double Consonants                        _____(5)

9. Overall Effectiveness                      _____(10)



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